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8 strand polypropylene polyester mixed ropes

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Please contact us If you want to get more information. material:polypropylene polyester Type: Braided Rope standard:international standards trademark:HELDSCHU structure :in 3 or 8 strands twisted and braided ropes. size:from 32mm to 120mm Our other products: Mooring rope types:pp rope , nylon rope, pe rope, mix rope, polypropylene rope/mooring rope, braided rope,pp rope,hawser, ply braided rope, mooring tails, rope ladders mooring rope, dyneema braided rope,uhmwpe braided rope, polyester mooring rope , polymide fiber , lashing rope ,anchor rope,natural fiber rope, boat rope mooring rope, tiger rope, dan line mooring rope, Poly-Manila Rope, Water Rescue Rope, normal size cargo network, accommodation ladder safely network,3 strand,6strand ,8 strand ,12 strand ,24strand… Wire rope types: 6 x 19 iwrc, 6 x 19 fc,6 x 37 iwrc,6 x37 fc,19 x 7, 8 x 25, 6 x 26 iwrc,6 x ws36, 7 x 7,6 x 24,6 x Fi29,u4 x SeS 39, u4 x SeS 48,4 x Fi40,7 x 35,…..non rotating, ungalvanized , stainless, sling wire rope, nylon coated galvanized aircraft cable, stainless wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope, and so on.