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Cotton rope / cord 1. Material: Cotton. 2. Size: 7mm-32mm. 3. Structure: 12/18-strand. 4. Color: As per your request. Cotton Rope is a soft, flexible 3-strand rope often used for craft and decorative purposes. Cotton rope is soft, very comfortable to handle and the least likely rope to cause rope burns.Cotton rope has many uses including animal halters, circus work, magic tricks, bird or pet toys and decorative knot work. Although it is not resistant to water, oil or other chemicals it can be dyed using a proprietary hand dye. Our cotton rope is 100% natural, comes from a managed harvest and has not been bleached. Export Markets: Global Standard: al standard Certificate:CCS certificate copy Delivery Port:any port,any country。 Please contact us If you want to get more information. The biggest rope trader and supplier in China! We supply the below in most ports of China and other countries. 1 , Steel wire rope 2 , Mooring rope 3 , Anchor chain 4 , Lashing chain 5 , Rubber packing 6 , Rubber fender 7 , All kinds of valves 8 , Spare parts made in China